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New Mercedes CLA – Fantastic Deal!


Mercedes-Benz has announced the arrival of the new Mercedes CLA.

It is a fantastic new coupe that will allow them to try and claim another segment of the market. With Mercedes having covered the industry range from a small A-Class to a gargantuan GL-Class, they now feel they have unearthed a new division, which will see others follow.

They have introduced this model as a bridge between affordability and class.  It is designed to allow the younger drivers to afford a car that offers the sublime quality that Mercedes provide.

The CLA-class is available to order now and you should be expecting prices to start at around just £23,995. This is an incredible deal and one not to miss out on!

With the new CLA designed as a compact coupé with four doors, the CLA doesn’t have many clear rivals.  The 4.6m long, aerodynamic body has distinctive lines and a very sporty profile, with a bold ‘diamond-look’ grille at the front and this oozes class!

There are four engine sizes available ranging from the 1.6 and 2.0-litre petrol engines which provide 122bhp and 211bhp respectively, while the 2.2 turbodiesel produces 170bhp. Finally, there is a turbocharged 2.0-litre unit developed by AMG which is finely tuned to give you ultimate power and superb driving experience.

There are a number of driving assistance systems available including the Collision Prevention Assist Plus. This works using a radar system with adaptive Brake Assist which is used to reduce the severity of any impact but aiming to prevent them altogether.

Also offered as standard is Attention Assist – this detects when the driver starts to become drowsy and prompts them to take a break.

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  1. This is exactly the sort of car that I am going to buy when I win the lottery. So classy!!

  2. Whenever I think of Mercedes I think of quality. I love the fact it has Attention Assist; every car should have this nowadays! Really like the shape of the rear end, but not sure on the boot size though and would have liked a little more detail on that aspect; but nothing I cant find easily enough if I check this out further, Im sure!

  3. This is a gorgeous car and definitely worth considering now we have decided to opt out of hubbie’s company car scheme.

  4. What a gorgeous car! I’d better get saving up my pennies! (Not sure about that many younger drivers could afford that!)

  5. This car looks fantastic but unfortunatly at this price will have to wait for my lotto win before I would be able to set foot in it!
    Love the look of the inside – if I did get it – it would be my car to enjoy and would need another family friendly car to drive the kids in.

  6. I think it could do with a few more giant circular air vents. I like the air con to distort my facial features…