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BMW Motorsport Showcase Self Drifting Cars at CES 2014

BMW Motorsport is testing the prototype of a conceptual driving system labelled “autonomous drifting” in the BMW M235i coupe, thats the sport version of the newly introduced BMW 2 series. The technology was unveiled at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and a working demonstration was showcased to visitors to the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
Watch the video below:

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Toyota Hydrogen Powered Concept Vehicle at CES 2014

More and more Motoring manufacturers are beginning to turn to shows like CES, the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas each year, to unveil their latest in car high-tech wizardry.
In 2014 we have seen the likes of BMW and their autonomous drifting technology, which involves the use of an array of lasers, cameras, maps and sensors. We’ve also

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The Playground for the Super Rich…

Built on the shorefront of Sunny Isles Beach in Miami, Porsche Design have produced one of the most spectacular and stunning buildings that will provide billionaire’s with a fantastic playground.
Standing 650ft tall in the air boasting 60 floors, the Porsche Design Tower has been designed to give their residents the most luxurious apartments with some exciting and unique

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What is EU Block Exemption Regulation?

The EU Block Exemption allows consumers to maintain their cars with independent service centres like Service4Service whilst in warranty with a manufacturer, which is of great value to new car owners who are looking to reduce their overall costs of owning a car.
The History of Block Exemption
Before 2002, consumers were restricted by car dealers on who they could

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