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The Brands Aiming To Make Electric Cars Affordable

Electric cars have become the focus of a number of automotive brands here in the UK and with the world’s shift towards green energy, it makes sense. However, while they might be releasing more and more electric models, until recently most of these models have been out of reach for those on stricter budgets. Electric vehicles have been notoriously expensive in comparison to petrol and diesel alternatives and while they’re more cost-effective once they’ve been bought, not everyone can afford the upfront cost or monthly payments to own one. However, with popularity growing and the cost of batteries reducing, more and more manufacturers are starting to reduce the cost of their EVs. some manufacturers are even releasing entry-level EVs with competitive price tags deemed more ‘affordable’. We’re exploring them below. 


In 2022, MG really carved out its place as an affordable manufacturer in the electric car market. At the Auto Express New Car Awards, MG’s ZS EV was named Affordable Electric Car of the Year, with the MG5 EV also commended as one of the best estate vehicles on the market. But these aren’t the only EV models offering quality without a hefty price tag. MG have three EVs and one hybrid vehicle currently available on their site:

  • MG4 EV – from £26,995
  • MG5 EV Long Range – from £30,995
  • MG ZS EV – from £30,495
  • MG HS Plug-In Hybrid – from £31,095

With each car offering infotainment systems, safety features and style in spades, the prices offer EVs to those who might previously have been priced out. Even the MG4 EV offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, as well as plenty of room and comfort for driving, without a hefty price tag.


Citroen has always put its best foot forward when it comes to its cars and its latest addition to the electric lineup is certainly stirring up conversation. With an incredibly unusual design, the Citroen Oli is designed to provide impressive range and driveability with a small price tag. They have saved costs by creating a minimalistic interior that has a strong place in futuristic design but puts the focus on your own phone for entertainment. Rather than their own infotainment system, they put emphasis on the driver’s smartphone and portable speakers for music and radio. The roof is made from a lightweight cardboard honeycomb structure said to be stronger than steel, with lightweight seats and an uncluttered dashboard, including reduced air conditioning and carefully angled windscreens that repel the sun’s rays, meaning you’ll need less energy to cool the car. The price is as little as £25,000.


While not on the market yet, Hyundai has been working on an entry-level small EV crossover to bring to the European markets in the coming years. Set to be an entry point into Hyundai’s electric vehicle range, this city-ready car and similar vehicles also set to be announced, could be the answer to an affordable EV. Announced last year, Hyundai is developing an A-segment city car that is set to be below €20,000, with a potential similar-sized vehicle also in the works to provide more of a range to choose from. Speculation suggests that one might be a city-based car, while the other will be better suited for long-range. 

There are a vast number of manufacturers currently fighting for space in the EV market and with more and more of us having to turn to electric in the coming years, having entry-level, affordable and good-quality EVs could be their answer to capturing their share.

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