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Volkswagen’s Budget EV – What We Know About the ID.2

Over the past few years, Volkswagen has been working on producing a more affordable alternative to it’s MEB all-electric platform, with every intention of offering EVs to the more budget-conscious consumers. With the electric vehicle market still pricing out a lot of people, having a budget-friendly alternative that can still host a family and everything you need from a vehicle has been a gap that many manufacturers aren’t quite managing to fill. VW, however, might’ve just done it with their new ID.2 crossover. 

Although we don’t know much just yet and the vehicle hasn’t officially been revealed beyond concept images and a recent test drive wrapped in the ID.3 body, there is already information out there about what we can expect to see. With a brand-new interior and exterior set to be revealed in March and scheduled to go on sale in 2025, we can expect some big reveals in the coming months. 

So far, it appears that the ID.2 is tipped to take the Golf name, with a GTI version on the cards. There is no set name just yet, but one of the most popular options seems to be ‘ID Golf’ introduced by CEO Thomas Shafer in October 2022. Regardless of its name, we do know that this vehicle will be completely redesigned, offering a smaller electric vehicle that doesn’t break the bank. 

It’s also reported that the VW ID.2 will be the first on the new MEB-Plus platform, which is their updated version of the standard MEB that is widely used today. The new version will feature a new lithium iron phosphate (LFP) prismatic battery that can offer charging speeds of around 200kW, as well as a host of other additions and improvements that will both enhance the system, and bring down the cost. 

Nothing is set in stone as yet, and there is still a chance that the Golf name will be kept for a new version of the ID 3, however the size and wheelbase of the test-driven ID.2 seems to suggest it’s the perfect size for the Golf. it’s also set to receive a more conventional hatchback shape compared to the controversial ID Life concept revealed in 2020 at the Munich motor show. 

Prices could start from as little as £20,000 depending on the configuration and battery options available. Base models could include a 30kWh unit and 120-mile range, while a top spec car might offer a 45kWh battery with a 180-mile range. 

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