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Vehicle MOT FAQs

What is an MOT?

An MOT test is designed to ensure all safety and environmental standards are met. Once a vehicle is 3 years old, an annual MOT is a legal requirement and must be undertaken by a registered VOSA tester. 

My MOT is due for renewal; can I book it in before the expiry date?

You are able to have an MOT on your car within 28 days of the specified expiry date on your current test certificate, and the earliest date will be printed on your certificate.

Can I just get my vehicle serviced, instead of an MOT?

An MOT is not the same as having your car serviced, it doesn't check the general mechanical condition of your car.

Can I get vehicle tax without an MOT?

You must have a valid MOT test certificate to obtain vehicle tax, so it's essential that you have an MOT completed within the correct timeframe.

My MOT has already expired, can I drive my car?

If you allow your MOT to expire, it is illegal to drive your car on the road until it has passed the test. If caught you could be prosecuted.

The only exception is if you’ve already booked an MOT and are driving your vehicle to the test centre.

How can I check when my MOT expires?

The VOSA website is able to let you know when your MOT expires.  You will need your registration number and your V5 document reference number.  Please use the link below to check on the status of your MOT.

Click here to check when your MOT is next due >>

If my vehicle fails its MOT, do I have to get all the work completed before I can drive the vehicle again?

If your vehicle fails its MOT, the standard 'grace' period to get any MOT failures rectified is 10 days.  This means that you are able to drive the vehicle away from the MOT test centre, but with a failure noted on the VOSA database against your vehicle. You can then obtain the MOT failure work undertaken at any service centre and once the work has been corrected, you can return the vehicle to the original MOT test centre for a re-test (this may be subject to a small cost).

What happens if my vehicle fails to pass the MOT within 10 days?

Failure to get your MOT passed within the 10 day period, will result in a new MOT test required charged at the standard rate. However, there are some exceptions with MOT failures and these require the vehicle to not leave the test centre until rectified and passed. These include registration plate failures and tyre failures but please check with the MOT test centre for further information.