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How To Get Your Car Ready For Spring


Winter’s harsh weather can really take a toll on our cars. Salt on the roads, snow on the windscreen, freezing temperatures and even harsh winds can all have a drastic effect on our cars so what better time to give them a little TLC than the start of Spring? As we head into the warmer months, dedicating time to your vehicle to recover from winter and prepare for spring can get things running smoothly in no time.

Here’s what you can do to get started.

Do A Spring Clean

Spring cleans aren’t just for the house – your car very much deserves one too. Though most of us keep up with regular car washes throughout the colder weather, it can be easy to skip some of the in-depth, detailed cleaning, which is where the big spring clean can help. Take out the time to clean your car from top to bottom, front to back and even underneath. Grit, dirt, salt and grime can congregate underneath your car, behind the wheels, behind trims and in every nook and cranny you can think of, but now is the perfect time to really get into those little gaps and clear them of dirt.

You shouldn’t forget the inside of your car, either. Our shoes pick up dirt throughout the entire year, but wet and cold weather in particular is notorious for causing muddy car floor mats and pedals. Giving the mats a thorough wash and surfaces a proper hoover and wipe over can have things looking as good as new in no time. It’s also the perfect opportunity to clear out any rubbish that’s built up.

Replace Your Windscreen Wipers

Snow and ice can do a real number on your windscreen wipers over winter and it’s likely that they’ve seen some intense wear and tear. New blades aren’t expensive and can make a huge difference to your visibility in the coming months. You should replace your windscreen wipers or have them replaced ideally every 6 months, but this can differ depending on the blades you buy, your car and how often you drive it. As a general rule, any time your wipers start to smear or streak and a clean doesn’t fix the issue, they should be replaced to ensure you maintain visibility on the road.

Check And Change Your Engine Oil

How often you change your oil will differ depending on the car, but every driver should be checking their oil on a regular basis regardless. You need to keep an eye on the level and whether it’s ‘clean’ and the filter seems to be in working order. Ideally, you should be replacing the oil ever 5,000 miles driven and you can have this done at any servicing garage. We can help you organise a full car service to get your car up and running smoothly, which will include an oil change and, in some cases, a filter change.

Check Your Tyres And Replace If Necessary

Winter can be harsh on your car’s tyres, particularly after months of driving around on icy and cold roads. Now is the time to give them a proper check, from making sure they have enough tread depth, to checking for any damage and that the right air pressure is in place. You should also check your spare tyre, even if it hasn’t been used since the last time it was checked, just to be sure that it is in proper working order. Spring is also a good time for having the tyres balanced, and the brake pads checked, all of which can be done at any of our approved servicing garages.

For more information about getting your car ready for Spring, or to book a car service ready for the warmer weather, get in touch with a member of our team, today.

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