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The Effectiveness of an Oil Flush!


Buying and maintaining a car can be costly, so tips to keep it running smoothly are always good.  There are many little things you can do that will help with the long term maintenance of your car, but an Advanced Oil Flush is a great way to improve the life and efficiency of your engine.

Over time, the engine accumulates abrasive particulates that can cause internal friction within the engine. The longer you leave between servicing/oil changes, the worse this can become.  Although the oil and filter is there to remove and replace, this isn’t always 100% accurate in ensuring your engine is clean and fresh ready for the new oil and filter…this is when an oil motor flush is most effective.

During the oil change, on average around an 8th of the oil is left behind within the workings of the engine. When the new oil is added, it is immediately contaminated resulting in the particulates still circulating. This can be seen almost immediately with the dipstick being visibly ‘dirty’.

This build up can cause the engine to lose performance because it interferes with the ability of internal parts to operate efficiently. When this is corrected, the critical moving parts will receive the correct amount of lubrication. Flushing the engine will allow the free flow of oil and help the engine to simply run cleaner and better.

We offer this product when your car comes in for a car servicing due to its fantastic effectiveness and value for money.  It is very beneficial to your engines life and performance and should be carried out within your service.

If you’d like to book your car in for a service, just call us on 0808 164 0418 or book online and don’t forget to ask about the oil flush!