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My Gearbox Is Making Noises – Should I Be Worried?

Unusual noises can be one of the best telltale signs that something might be not quite right with your vehicle. Whether it’s whining, whirring, clunking or grinding, if you’re hearing anything out of the ordinary, it can be a sign that your gearbox needs a bit of TLC and it could be time to head to a gearbox repair specialist. Take a look at our guide to the most common noises to listen out for:

My Gears Are Grinding

Anyone that’s heard the sound of grinding gears knows just how harsh of a sound it can be, but it’s the cause behind it that can cause the most stress. If your vehicle’s gears are grinding as you shift up or down through the gears, this could be a sign that your clutch is wearing down or that the linkage may need a slight adjustment. Other deeper issues can also cause grinding, so it’s best to get this checked out by a professional mechanic to be safe.

My Gears Are Slow Shifting

If you’re moving up through the gears and your car doesn’t seem to be shifting into gear instantly, this can be a sign that something is wrong. A slow gear shift can be both felt and heard in most cars, particularly if this is caused by a clogged transmission filter. In most cases, you can clean out the transmission filter yourself. If the issue is caused by a worn component, however, a trip to the garage can give you a more accurate diagnosis and repair.

My Car Slams Into Gear

Do your gears emit a harsh slam as you switch between them? This can be a sign of an abnormal pressure within the transmission, low fluid levels or even worn down components. Check your fluid levels first – are they low or is the condition of the oil poor? An oil change may solve the problem, but if the problem persists, you should have your gearbox tested and checked over by a qualified mechanic. 

I Can Hear Whining Or Humming

Whining or humming may sound similar, but can actually be a sign of different problems. Humming generally indicates that there might be a problem with the bearing within the gearbox, while whining may have something to do with the transmission fluid pump. In some cases, these noises may sound like they’re coming from the gearbox, but could be the result of another issue, such as problems with the wheel bearings or carrier bearings. If you aren’t sure which sound you’re hearing, speak to an expert

My Gears Are Clunking, Clicking Or Rattling

Rattling, clicking or clunking are sounds you most definitely don’t want to be hearing from your engine. If you’re hearing anything that could even possibly be one of these three, it’s time to call a mechanic. These noises usually mean that your gearbox or engine is on it’s way to failing, which can be catastrophic if you are driving at the time. For this reason, you should try and have the car collected rather than driving it to the garage.

My Engine Is Gurgling

Gurgling sounds usually mean that something isn’t quite right with your engine oil, though can be as simple as having a low fluid level. When oil levels are low, air bubbles build up and cause a ‘gurgle’ like sound. Replacing or filling up the oil should solve the problem but should always be done quickly, as low fluid can cause you to fall out of gear when you come to a stop.

If you are concerned about noise from your engine or gearbox, feel free to get in touch today to book a garage visit.