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10 Unusual Signs There’s Something Wrong With Your Engine

There are obvious signs that something isn’t quite right with your engine – there’s the engine warning light, smoke coming from under the bonnet or maybe your car isn’t starting at all. But there are smaller signs that too many of off pass off as being nothing to worry about that could be a sign that your engine is in serious need of some TLC or repair. If you’ve been noticing something strange about your vehicle lately, take a look at our 10 signs there’s something wrong with your engine and get in touch if any sound familiar!

1. Unfamiliar Noises

Any noise you hear while driving that you aren’t used to could be a sign of problems with your engine. Whether it’s louder than usual, there’s a knocking noise, popping, spitting or backfiring, all of these need to be checked out by a professional mechanic as soon as possible. Any knocking-like noises could be a sign that elements of your engine are starting to wear down, including bearings, pistons and other moving parts within the engine itself. If these were to wear completely or break while you’re driving, it could be extremely dangerous, so need to be checked out as soon as possible.

2. Car Jerks While Changing Gears

If you’ve noticed that your car is jerking slightly as you change between gears, this could be another sign that something isn’t quite right. This can also manifest in a struggle to get into gear at all. If you’ve seen any of these issues, it could be a sign that your gearbox is experiencing a problem including worn down elements, blocks and more, and needs repair in order to drive safely again.

3. The Engine Is Inconsistent 

A normally functioning engine should have consistent noise while you’re both idle, and while you’re moving so if you’re hearing or experiencing any stuttering, shaking or loss of power even as the revs are increasing, this could be a sign that you need to get things checked. Typically, these symptoms will occur as a result of faulty spark plugs, ignition coils and inconsistent fuel pressure. Sometimes the repair can be as easy as an engine tune-up but it’s always best to get things checked to be sure.

4. Performance Is Decreasing

A slow decrease in engine performance isn’t always immediately noticeable but if you’ve started to see changes in how your car operates, even down to slower acceleration than usual, this could be a sign that your engine is in need of some TLC. Again, a tune-up could solve this problem and prevent any dangerous issues from occurring.

5. Your Car Is Rough While Idle

Is your car stuttery or jerking while idle? Alternatively, does it cut off completely when you’re stopped at a red light? These can be signs of problems with fuel delivery or quality, which might be as simple as replacing a fuel filter but could also be a sign of a more severe issue with the engine or the relevant pipework. 

6. There Are Odd Patches Under Your Car

If you’ve been experiencing patches of oil, water or any other fluid under your car, this is a sign of a leak that may require an engine repair to fix. Patches of oil in particular are signs that your engine is leaking, which results in more friction and more heat within the engine, which can cause overheating. In a lot of cases, the fix can be as simple as a new engine oil seal or sump plug washers, but a professional will be able to safely diagnose and fix the problem for you.

7. There’s An Unusual Smell

If you’ve noticed unusual smells inside the car while the engine is running, this could be a sign that the engine is damaged. Strange smells are often easy to write off as being a one-off problem that will go away, but it’s important to make sure that you get your vehicle checked to ensure there’s nothing serious going on that could cause break down or damage in the future.

8. Your Car Is Overheating Regularly

If your car is overheating on a regular basis, this could be a sign that either your engine coolant or oil is low, or that there’s something more pressing going on. This can be particularly difficult to diagnose when the weather is hot outside, but if you’re noticing your car getting hotter than normal even when the weather is cold, it’s time to get things checked. It could be a cooling system leak, the wrong coolant blend or something else simple to fix, but it could also be the result of a blockage that will need to be fixed quickly.

9. You’re Stalling More Than Usual

We’re all guilty of stalling our cars once in a while and as embarrassing as it is, it really does happen to us all. Usually we can just start up again and get moving like nothing happened, but if you’ve noticed your car stalling more than usual or at times where it definitely shouldn’t be, this could be a sign of engine problems. In most cases, it may be that you need a new spark plug but at risk of something else being the cause, it’s best to get your car’s engine fully checked.

10. Your Car Is Eating Up Fuel

If your fuel efficiency is down, this could be another sign that something isn’t quite right with the way your engine is receiving fuel from the tank. In most cases, a fuel service may help the issue, but if you find decreased fuel performance accompanied by the engine warning light or any of the other symptoms on our list, this could be the sign of something serious. Get your car checked for peace of mind that things are, or will be in proper working order.

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