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How Our Customers Save Time Servicing Their Car


Servicing your car regularly is a must-do that you can’t afford to neglect, otherwise the cost of damages due to poor maintenance could be monumental.

For many motorists, this is the usual procedure of booking a car service:

  1. Research a local service centre
  2. Book the car in for a service
  3. Schedule that day for time off work (either whole day or a few hours)
  4. Drive the car to the centre
  5. Get back home/ to work via public transport
  6. Wait for a phone to confirm that the car has been serviced
  7. Get back to the centre
  8. Pay and drive the car back home

For busy motorists, the eight step process we’ve briefly outlined can be a hassle and taking the day off work just to get a car serviced is not the most desirable reason to book holiday time – better spent in the Bahamas right?

Our customers on the other hand are blessed with the gift of time! Because we have a network of over 700 independent service centres in the UK and provide free collection and delivery, servicing a car with Service4Service is far more convenient:

  1. Book your service through our website/ over the phone
  2. We’ll pick up your car from home, work or an arranged location
  3. Your car will be serviced at our local service centre to you
  4. Once ready, customers receive a call for an expected time of car return & payment
  5. We wash and vacuum your car before returning it
  6. Customers receive their car in the same location as Step 2

All of this takes place within the same working day, so our customers can have their car serviced whilst they are at work and get it back in time to drive home.

This is how we save our customers time when they book their car servicing with us!

In addition to time, our customers also benefit from monetary savings of up to 65% off main dealer servicing costs, protection guarantee of manufacturer warranties, and an additional 12 month warranty on all parts and labour that we supply and fit.

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Randal Whitmore is an enthusiastic motoring writer at Service 4 Service and a great fan of Formula 1 motorsport with McLaren-Mercedes being his favourite team. He hopes to own a BMW 3 Series one day although his old faithful '93 Micra is still rolling on.