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The Most Common Problems With Citroen Vehicles

Citroen has become a household name here in the UK, and rightly so. With vehicles that range from affordable family cars to luxury models and even vans, they have paved their way through the automotive market with strong, reliable cars that many people swear by. However, Citroen vehicles have also been reported to face issues throughout their lifespan, varying from faulty heaters to suspension problems and even problems with electronic systems. Here at Service4Service, we’re digging deeper into some of the most commonly reported problems with Citroen vehicles by owners, so you can know what to expect from your car. 

Suspension Problems

Some Citroen models seem to face regular reports of uncomfortable, jumpy driving experiences that are not only “uncomfortable” but can be dangerous at higher speeds. This particular issue seems to stem from issues with the suspension. In the Citreon C3 in particular, the suspension could “malfunction very easily”, resulting in a bumpy journey. ( The problem is usually solved by replacing the suspension, however, there have been cases where the issue rests in the bush and strut. A qualified mechanic can inspect the suspension for you and find the source of the problem, ensuring that the repair is not only swift and properly done, but accurate and safe. 

Heater Problems

The heaters in our cars are handy systems, offering warmth in the colder months and even helping to clear and defrost our windscreens when things get icy. Citroen users reportedly can often find themselves without this often crucial feature! Another issue that mainly plagues the Citreon C3 is a malfunctioning heater that can often leave you cold and frosty when it stops working, so it’s important to get it checked and repaired as soon as possible. ( The issue usually falls down to a faulty thermostat, but thankfully this is easy and often low-cost to replace.

Door Locking Problems

Citroen has its fair share of owner concerns, but one of the most notable for the security of your vehicle comes in the form of a faulty lock. Berlingo vans often face problems with their electric wiring which, as a result, causes the central locking system to become faulty. ( The fob will make the lights flash, but the lock won’t actually engage. Finding the source of this issue can be difficult, which is why you should book your vehicle with our team. We will run will diagnostics to ensure we find the source and can confidently say that the full issue has been repaired.

Electrical Faults

From problems with the lights or warning lights to hiccups with the radio and infotainment systems, Citroen electrics have been reported to have a host of problems often reported as “electrican gremlins”. Most of the faults seem to stem from a “faulty battery or corroded connections”, however, the software has also been to blame for some problems, particularly one issue where the electric parking brake fault warning light remains on even when driving. ( In these cases, we can run full electronic diagnostics to source the issue within the car’s computer and either reprogramme the system or replace it where needed.

For more information about Citroen vehicles or how we can help, simply get in touch with a member of our team, or book your car in for repair, today.