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Our Tips For Keeping Your Gearbox In Good Condition

The gearbox on any vehicle, manual or automatic, is one of the core and most vital parts of driving. Without a functioning one, our car likely wouldn’t move, and would struggle to accelerate without risk of over-revving, and you certainly wouldn’t be able to reverse, either. All of this means that we should all be taking good care of our gearboxes to keep them in optimal working condition for longer. To help you set off on the right foot, we’ve put together our top tips for doing exactly that.

Warm The Car Up 

We’re all guilty of just hopping in the car and driving away without a thought, but did you know that warming the car up thoroughly before you set off can make sure not only your gearbox, but all of your vehicle works properly for longer. If the weather is warm, this isn’t as important as the components are likely already warm, however during the winter and on cooler days, it’s advised to make sure you warm the car up for at least 30 seconds to a few minutes depending on just how cold it is, to make sure that any frozen components have the chance to thaw out.

Shift Gears Carefully And Correctly

It’s unlikely that any of us shift gears with the intention of doing it badly, but you’d be surprised just how many bad habits we can develop over the time. Shifting too hard or too violently can lead to a de-synchronised gearbox which will cause more trouble in the long tun. Similarly, making sure that your car is at a complete stop before shifting into reverse will prevent any grinding of gears and ensure they don’t wear down too fast. Slow-release of the clutch after a gear shift will also ensure a smoother change and overall drive, as will making sure you’re in the right gear for the conditions or speed you’re driving.

Keep Things As Clean As You Can

You might not think about cleaning your gearbox, but this is actually one of the best ways to keep your gearbox in top condition. Dirt, debris and water can get inside your gearbox over time and it’s important to make sure you’re doing regular checks and cleans where possible to keep things working efficiently. Having a professional mechanic check and clean your gearbox will ensure that it’s done thoroughly and correctly, and that none of the components will be damaged throughout the clean.

Keep On Top Of Oil Changes

Changing the oil and filters in your vehicle will not only keep the gearbox running smoothly, but the whole of your vehicle. The fresher the oil and filters, the better they will do their job. Checking and changing the oil in your gearbox will ensure that things remain cool and prevent a buildup of friction that could result in worn down or damaged components. Ideally, the gearbox oil should be changed every 50-60,000 miles, though some cars can last longer but this isn’t ideal. Some conditions, such as low-traction driving, mountainous regions and water immersion can mean that you need an oil change sooner, so it’s best to speak to a mechanic to be sure you’re changing it at the optimal time.

Check For Leaks Regularly

If you’re finding that you’re needing to re-fill or replace your gearbox oil frequently, this could be because of a leak. Without the right amount of oil, your gearbox will be under an incredible amount of pressure to work, which can lead to the wearing down of the teeth of the gears. While this won’t be an immediate problem, it can lead to poor drive quality, poor performance and if left unresolved, can lead to bigger, more expensive and ultimately more dangerous issues in the future. 

For more information or to book your car in for a gearbox repair, feel free to get in touch with our team to book your appointment at one of our garages, today.