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28 Years of BMW M3, One Last Farewell [Infographic]

This year has been the final year of production for BMW’s M3 Coupe as the German car manufacturer unleashes its M4 line of motorsport cars.

To mark the end of the M3 Coupe production line, we have produced an infographic that shows how the headlights and kidney grilles of the M3 have developed and changed from generation to generation – one of the most distinctive features of these 3 Series models.

Alongside each model, we have also provided some good-to-know statistics about each of the M3 models (including their engine power and chassis options).

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As every driving enthusiast will know, the M3 catalogue of models spans over four generations of cars since 1985 when the E30 M3 was produced.

Since then, this breed of highly tuned 3 Series has developed from a straight four cylinder engine, through to the very popular straight six, and finishing up at the almighty V8 of the controversial E92.

Although the M3 will be missed, fans will be looking forward to see what BMW produces with the M4. After all, the final V8 version was originally intended to be labelled the M4 before the manufacturers decided to launch the 4 Series.

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Randal Whitmore is an enthusiastic motoring writer at Service 4 Service and a great fan of Formula 1 motorsport with McLaren-Mercedes being his favourite team. He hopes to own a BMW 3 Series one day although his old faithful '93 Micra is still rolling on.

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  1. I resent that the M3 is being referred to as dead. I, Mr. Sedan M3, am just getting a divorce from Mrs. Coupe M3. She is changing her name to Mrs. Coupe M4, but my name will remain the same. The M3 family is not dead, it is just separated.