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Changes to MOT


European Legislation has introduced new requirements to MOT tests on all vehicles.  This includes cars, vans, heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches.

These changes will be coming into effect from 20th March 2013 as it is believed they enhance the roadworthiness of any vehicle and have been brought in to reflect advances in technology.

The additional checks will cover a range of items including:

  • Electronic power steering malfunction indicator lamp
  • Brake fluid warning lamp illuminated or inoperative
  • Engine mountings
  • Speedometer

The cost of the MOT will not be affected nor will the length of time to undertake the test.

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency Chief Executive Alastair Peoples said:
“The MOT test is designed to make sure that a vehicle is fit to be on the road and so it needs to be updated to reflect new vehicle technology.

“We at VOSA have worked closely with the industry to make sure they are prepared for the changes; and testers have been letting customers know about the new items at the MOT test for more than a year to make sure they are ready for the changes.”

Click here to find out the full facts of these changes from VOSA >>>


    1. Hi Chas, Mercedes C220 are fantastic cars and one that you will love to drive. There are no known issues with this car. All I say, if it is an automatic gearbox, just double check that all the gears are working fine as sometimes they can be a little stiff or have minor leaks. But otherwise if all ok, then you have yourself a great car you will enjoy for years.

      Happy driving and let us know how you get on! 🙂

  1. i’ve just had my mot done which i pleased to say the car passed. wonder if this will make things better or worse?

  2. Glad they haven’t upped the price. It is also safer that they do these checks. Thanks for letting me know about it !

  3. Yet more Government rubbish as if its like we can afford things at the moment they keep adding new things to the MOT which will mean more cost to us in the long run

  4. Much as I dread the MOT every year actually I appreciate it too as otherwise I might be driving round in an unsafe car since I know nothing about them! I’ve just scraped through another MOT with only a couple of bits needed, but the advisorys are really helpful too because I can spread the cost a bit but still get it sorted!

  5. I think it’s about time there were MOT tests on all vehicles, to include cars, vans, heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches. What is the point in car drivers having this done if other vehicles on the road don’t and are not safe? This makes the roads safer for everyone in my humble opinion.

  6. Really important to keep Britain one of the safest places to drive in the world, recently driving in another European country requiring breathalyzers that you can’t buy anywhere!

  7. The cost of an MOT may not have gone up, but the cost of repairs will with more things covered! My poor car barely scraped through her last MOT, these changes will be bad news for me no doubt! 🙁

  8. This will be the first time in years I’ll have kept a car long enough to need to get a MOT. How much is an MOT now?

    1. Hi Joanne, we do MOT’s for just £49 as a standard price (government rate is £54.85). However, we are doing a special offer at the moment for MOT’s at only £20 when booked with a service if you’re interested. A fantastic offer not to miss out on!

  9. Good to see that the price of MOT hasn’t increased, this will only act as an improver of road safety in this country!

  10. Mine was MOT back in Jan so don’t need to worry for ages but hate MOT time while necessary it’s like waiting to hear if you’ve passed an exam !

  11. Changes to the MOT as long as they are for safety they are welcome but I hope it’s not another way to prise more money out or drivers

  12. Whilst i am glad the price of the MOT hasnt increased, i also appreciate the fact that they are really are a neccesity to make sure our roads are that bit safer. I would dread the thought of driving my family around in a car that was not roadworthy

  13. I had my mot done last month and because it failed and I had the work completed by another garage I had the car re mot’d with the second garage. The second garage found things such as side lights not working that the first one had completely missed (a pretty important thing to miss you would think!) yet the first one failed my windscreen wipers which were brand new, not very reassuring! also shows you should never just go on price as the first one was £25 and the second £40, the first also failed it because there was a nail in the tyre but the second garage took the nail out and there was nothing wrong with the tyre and said they shouldn’t have failed it on that.. anyway I now feel I have found a garage I can trust. Do garages have spot checks done as my Dad bought a new second hand car that supposedy had just passed an mot and because of that he trusted the brakes would be in at least satisfactory order ..they were shot! so obviously a dodgy mot!

  14. Sounds like a sensible move forward, provided it doesn’t become more costly for the consumer in the long run.

  15. I think this is a good move forward i have seen cars that have passed an MOT that clearly shouldn’t so hopefully this makes the roads even safer….and hopefully not cost us more at the same time!

  16. I think these changes will increase road safety for everyone so it can only be a good thing

  17. I’m ever so clueless when it come to cars. Thankfully the other half deals with that side of things. THough i CAN change my bulbs 😀

  18. I had my MOT done last month, after that date though. I just gave him the keys and left him to it. It passed and hopefully I have another year of motoring!

  19. This can only be a good thing but thank goodness the price is staying the same. It’s expensive enough keeping a car on the road!

  20. This new legislation can only be a good thing. For all none of us wants the price of running our car to eat any more into our already tight finances, there is nothing more important than the safety of our families and the other road users.
    I welcome this wholeheartedly.

  21. MOT’s should be stricter, they can only make things better if they are tougher. My partner had a clapped out Peugeot 406 which he paid £150 for – last year, it was a kind of in-between car. The doors didn’t lock – unless you were in it and then they locked and refused to open, the speedo didn’t work, basically the whole car was falling apart but amazingly it somehow passed an MOT. After that happened, no matter how ‘road-worthy’ it was deemed I made him scrap it as things were not tested in the MOT that could be a potential danger to others, i.e. the speedo! I Think that MOT’s should be made to include these extras and more – as long as the things being tested could cause dangers to others

  22. Thanks for pointing this out. My car is going to be due for its MOT soon as it is has come out of its warranty period. I’ve had it from new and it has been well used. I thought I knew the points it would be tested on from ages ago but I hadn’t seen this new ruling!

  23. Thanks for letting me know about the MOT changes, it won’t affect me this year as luckily my MOT was carried out before they came into force. I don’t mind the changes provided they do improve safety

  24. Wasn’t aware of this new ruling – my MOT isn’t due until October but am slightly worried. I have a light that periodically comes up on my dashboard – my husband is in the motor industry and has had a look but cannot find a problem – then the light goes off again! Would that mean that, under new legislation, my car will fail, even though we cannot find a fault?

  25. The more checks the better I think. Plus if the cost isnt being passed onto the motorist, this is brilliant news. I welcome this!