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Toyota Hydrogen Powered Concept Vehicle at CES 2014

More and more Motoring manufacturers are beginning to turn to shows like CES, the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas each year, to unveil their latest in car high-tech wizardry.
In 2014 we have seen the likes of BMW and their autonomous drifting technology, which involves the use of an array of lasers, cameras, maps and sensors. We’ve also

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4 Tips for Selling a Used Car


Whether you intend to take your car to a dealer for a part exchange or trade in price, or intend to sell privately, the theory is the same and relies on some basic marketing skills that we can all put into practice.

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Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series (2014)


Back in 2006 Mercedes-Benz introduced us to the SLK55 AMG. A luxury sports car that was the first to be produced by AMG at Mercedes. Since then, there have been five new releases to the Black Series, with the latest being this, the Mercedes SLS AMG.

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