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On the spot driving fines!

In 2012, it has been announced that drivers are to be prosecuted with fines of between £80 – £100 for careless driving, which will be fixed by police rather than being taken to court.

This new penalty charge has been formed to reduce ‘reckless’ and ‘dangerous’ drivers who are deemed to be driving aggressively by tailgating, undertaking or ‘cutting up’ other motorists, alongside other offenders who repeatedly break the law and who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“We want to make a clear distinction between those drivers who are a real danger to road safety- reckless, dangerous drivers – and those who are merely occasionally careless or who make an honest mistake,” the transport secretary, Philip Hammond, has said.

“That means much more emphasis on enforcement against those who represent the biggest risk and a big increase in the use of education for those who make minor transgressions.”

Warnings last year from road safety campaigners said that lives could be put at high risk due to government’s scrapping grants for councils to put up anymore speed cameras.

Supplementary measures which have been included in the package are retests for disqualified drivers before they can regain their license and also an end to request blood tests rather than a breath test, removal of vehicles that the most dangerous drivers are in possession of, new courses to be offered for minor offences rather than points on a license and a new post-test for new drivers to encourage lower insurance pricing.

Additional introductions include new measures on driving whilst under the influence of drugs and to remove all loopholes that allow drink drivers to get away without charge.

At the same time, a new scheme is to be put in place and replace the existing Pass Plus.  This will include an assessment, which again is to encourage new drivers with lower insurance premiums.

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