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The Most Common Problems With Audi Vehicles

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Regardless of the vehicle you buy, it’s likely that you’ll come across problems or faults along the line that need repair. However, different manufacturers’ vehicles seem to be more prone to some issues than others, and Audi is no exception. Despite being renowned for stylish luxury vehicles that are almost always powerful, Audi vehicles have their fair share of common issues that send them into the nearest garage. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the most common problems to watch out for in your Audi.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are a potential issue with most vehicles, particularly if you aren’t taking good care of the engine. While most oil leaks are easy to fix, it’s important to be aware of any potential leaks or problems regardless. Audis tend to see oil leaks from the valve cover gasket or the camshaft tensioner depending on the cause and in most cases, it is an engine repair that is relatively affordable and quick to fix. Oil leaks that are left unfound or unrepaired can eat through wires or components in the engine and ultimately lead to bigger and more expensive problems.

Rattling Engine

Audi vehicles can be subject to a rattling engine, particularly during colder weather and the winter months. If you’re hearing any rattling or knocking for a few seconds after starting up the car, it could be due to the camshaft adjustment, which will need to be built up faster in colder climates in order to build up pressure in the oil sump. Rattling and knocking can be a result of this, but it’s always best to get your vehicle checked out at the garage to be completely certain that there’s nothing more going on.

Timing Belts

If you’re noticing an issue with the timing belt, this could be a sign of wear and tear or incorrect installation of a new belt. If the belt is becoming tattered, this could cause bigger problems and more expensive damage than simply having the belt replaced sooner rather than later. If the belt was to break while you were on the road, it could result in breakdown, damage to the pistons or other potential problems. A timing belt on its own isn’t overly expensive, so it’s best to pay out for a replacement before more damage can be caused.

Electrical Components

With a high-tech car comes the possibility of more issues, from faulty lights to internal electronics such as infotainment systems. Audi’s electrics, while certainly worth the cost, are typically prone to a few problems, particularly relating to the head and tail lights. Fluctuation and a lack of function are two of the most common problems but are easily fixed. Depending on when you bought your car, some of the parts may still be under warranty. If not, visit a garage for a replacement.

Spark Plug Failure

Spark plug failures can occur in any vehicle, but they happen to be one of the most common problems in an Audi and the one of the most common causes of ignition failure. To avoid failure, replace your spark plugs on a regular basis or replace your existing spark plugs with long-life plugs to ensure that they last longer. This is a relatively simple issue to fix with the help of a garage to correctly install a new spark plug and increase its longevity.

Exhaust Component Failure

Many exhaust component issues appear to come from a catalytic converter in Audi vehicles, however, catalytic converters can be an expensive repair. For this reason, the garage will always find the underlying cause of any issues or failures and fix the problem accordingly without immediately replacing the converter. Carbon build-up or a faulty recirculation system can both cause issues too and so if you’re noticing issues with your exhaust or an unusual smell around your car, it’s important to get things checked quickly.

If your Audi is in need of some TLC or a repair, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.

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