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The Driving Test Celebrates it’s 80th Birthday, But is it Time For Change?

As the driving test turns 80 years old, the milestone has been met with calls for reform on the current structure.

The RAC Foundation and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) in particular have spoken out for a test ‘fit for the 21st century’, which would see an introduction of ‘graduated’ driving licences that would have sanctions for newly qualified drivers – such as night time curfews and restricting the number of young passengers they may carry, until they gain more experience of the road.

Your Driving Test – 1935

Voluntary testing was introduced on 16th March 1935 with compulsory testing coming in on 1st June 1935 for drivers who started driving on or after 1st April 1934.

The first driving test would still be recognisable to those taking their test today. The biggest developments have come in recent years with the theory test being added in 1996 and the hazard perception exam from 2002.

Road accidents remain the biggest killer of young people in the UK, higher than both alcohol and drugs. 2013 saw 191 people under 24 killed and 20,003 injured as drivers and riders of cars and motorbikes.


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