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Girls! Are we the better drivers?

The friendly debate has always been who is the better driver.  The survey results are in…

Girls! Are we the better drivers?


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Steve is one of the chief writers for Service 4 Service which allows him to show off his passion for cars and everything in the motoring world. He loves driving his Mercedes CLK and is a bit of a fanatic with in-car gadgets!


  1. Women are better drivers, without a doubt. If we are going on a long distance car journey, I will tend to drive as it is much less stressful experience for all in the car. If my other half drives, we spend most of the time in the fast lane, ironically getting frustrated by people using the fast lane as a driving lane.

    I also find that men drive like they are playing the Xbox. Driving isn’t a game guys. There are no points or power-ups. The next level is A&E if you don’t SLOW DOWN!! Women are a lot more safety conscious on the road and are not guided by ego. Men need to realise that driving behind someone does not make them less of a man. It just makes them less stressed and more considerate. Which is a very attractive trait!

  2. I think so! Certainly men are more likely to drive faster and take more risks — my husband would disagree women are better drivers, he thinks they might be more “careful” but that that they can be over-cautious and this can also be dangerous. He always claims he can tell a woman driver just by how they’re driving — true or not, I still stand by the fact that women are better drivers – on the whole. 🙂

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