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DVLA Says Goodbye to the Counterpart

As of 8th June 2015, the counterpart section of the driving license is no longer valid or issued by the DVLA.

From now on all details will be accessible through the DVLA’s new MyLicence online system.

The decision to abolish the counterpart was as a result of the government’s Red Tape Challenge consultation on road transportation. It also aligns to DVLA’s Strategic Plan which includes commitment to simplifying our services.

There has been some concern about how the changes affect things like hiring a car or even test-driving a potential new motor, but DVLA Chief Executive Oliver Morley, insists the new system will be much easier for all parties to use, saying that “it’s very easy to view and share your driving record” with those who might need to see your details – such as car hire companies or an employer.

When you want to share your details for whatever reason, a code can be generated online that will enable the other party to access the required information. Originally this code lasted for 72 hours but that’s now been extended to 21 days.

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