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The Mercedes-Benz Service Song (With Lyrics)

Not everything Mercedes-Benz release oozes class and sex appeal, just take a look at the old shape A-Class for example. Now the German carmaker has gone a step further and released a song! The five minute wonder accompanies a music video laden with some of the worst innuendo we have ever heard. The song is called “Your Best”, and is dedicated to the “strong men” of the Mercedes service network.

We’re not exactly sure when the video went live on Mercedes Benz TV, the Mercedes YouTube channel, but we think it was sometime in the last 2 weeks. However its already been quickly taken down by Mercedes. Perhaps due to the massive amount of negative interest the video sparked from the motoring world. The vocals are pretty good, if a little 90’s movie soundtrack, but the words… Oh my… the words.

The Mercedes-Benz service song could have so easily gone down in history as a mythological creature that only a handful of people had ever had the pleasure to witness. Luckily for us Autotrend Magazine were quick to replace the gaping void that Mercedes left us with when they decided to take down the video after just one or two weeks.

For those of you that missed it, let me introduce to you “The Mercedes-Benz service song” (with lyrics)


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