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How to Complain to BMW – Smash Up Your £100,000 M6

Pourmohseni smashing his BMW M6 with an axe

Pourmohseni Hadi is an Iranian businessman whose frustration with BMW’s customer service lead to his faulty M6 taking a beating outside the 65th Frankfurt Motor Show last week.

Pourmohseni smashing his BMW M6 with an axe

(Pourmohseni smashing his BMW M6 with an axe, Picture: YouTube/ regine k)

Accompanied by his sledge hammer wielding friend, Pourmohseni armed himself with an axe and hacked away at the bodywork whilst his henchman punched a couple dozen dents into the ultimate driving machine.

With well over a million hits on YouTube, word has spread about the BMW owner’s actions in front of one of the biggest automotive shows in the world. So what exactly fuelled this rage?

How it All Began

Although this smashing spectacle intended to send the Munich manufacturers a message, the story does have a normal beginning. It all started when Pourmohseni experienced a less than ultimate driving experience with rattles, jolts, and vibrations ruining the should-be smooth transition of the car’s gear changes.

Concerned, the businessman attempted to get it fixed by BMW, however, according to The Independent, the faults were unresolved with his local dealer in Italy informing him that nothing was wrong with the car.

Determined to get the £100,000 M6 sorted, Pourmohseni went as far as contacting BMW’s HQ in Munich but received no reply – the straw that broke the horses back.

A Message to BMW

In an interview with German newspaper Bild, Pourmohseni said: “I have BMW written a letter – no response. Now I answer! With this action!”

Although he had experienced ongoing issues with the car and claimed that various Italian BMW specialists were unable to resolve them, it appears that the breaking point for this Bavarian Motor Works customer was a lack of response from the car’s creators.

It is reported that this motorist’s rage will continue at the German Bundestag with his repaired M6 in a repeat protest if he hears nothing from the manufacturer.

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