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Audi Service 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5 out of 5 based on 33 reviews

Approved Audi Service & Maintenance

Audi A3

Independent UK car servicing specialists Service4Service take pride in offering affordable and approved Audi car service & repairs nationwide.

Look no further! We can save you as much as 65% from main dealer servicing prices across the country! We understand that the correct maintenance of your Audi is imperative. 

Recommended Audi Service Intervals

Flexible Longlife Servicing
(Regular long journeys or more than 10,000 miles per annum)
Interim Service - max. of every 19,000 miles or 24 months
Full Service - every 19,000 miles or 24 months 

Fixed Inspection Servicing
(Short journeys or less than 10,000 miles per annum)
Interim Service - every 9,000 miles or 12 months
Full Service - every 19,000 miles or 24 months 


Every service is completed with resetting your service light and stamping your service history book.

Features and Benefits of our Audi Service

As your local independent car servicing experts we ensure that all our technicians adhere to the Service4Service standards meaning:

  • Our service centers use specialist computer diagnostic equipment to carry out a full health check of your Audi
  • Our technicians fit Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) & Audi approved parts only
  • We will collect & deliver your Audi for free either from home or at work at a time that suits you
  • Your Audi will receive a high quality service that fully protects your manufacturers warranty
  • Your car will be washed at no extra charge

 We guarantee that your Audi will be serviced by manufacturer trained technicians using only approved parts so that your car continues to perform the way the engineers who built it intended. All of our Audi vehicle services comply with EU block exemption laws so your manufacturer warranty is completely protected when your car is serviced in one of our approved Audi service centres, which means you can benefit from big savings on your service compared to main dealer prices.

Some car servicing requirements include specialist oils, spark plugs, fuel filters or pollen filters. Please speak to one of our professional service advisors for further information.

How to Book With Us


Booking a car service or a repair for your Audi is a fast, hassle-free process. Simply use our online booking form at the top of the page where you can easily follow our 4 step booking process.

Alternatively you can call us for free at [PHONE NUMBER] and one of our friendly sales team will be able to help with your service booking.

Why Use Service4Service?


Audi is one of the world’s most renowned car brands, with the famous company slogan “Vorsprung Durch Technik” which translates to “Progress through Technology”.


At Service4Service we provide a service for your car that meets those expectations and more, maintaining its optimal performance, safety and comfort, at a much lower price than found with any of the main dealers locally.


Audi Repairs

Service4Service carry out all types of car and van repairs & breakdowns, with recovery vehicles available.

Brake Pads


Brake discs and pads are one of, if not the, most important safety aspects on your Audi and it is important you get these regularly checked by one of our fully qualified technicians.  The quality of your brakes is paramount due to the importance of the job they do, so we only fit OEM or genuine parts to give you maximum satisfaction of a job well done!

Timing Belts

Timing Belts / Cambelts

Timing belts, also known as a cambelt, are an integral part of your Audi engine. The timing belt controls the engine and can also drive other mechanical components such as a water pump.  Audi specify certain intervals based on the age/mileage of your car to recommend when you should replace your timing to prevent any damage. Our quality parts that we supply and fit will suffice to prolonging the life of your engine.



Your Audi clutch is a key component for your car to work efficiently.  When you change gears whilst driving, your clutch is simultaneously working to ensure your car reacts and performs based on the gear you select.  Clutch failure results in the car failing to drive, so here at Service4Service we want to help keep your car on the road.  With our approved, quality clutches fitted by our qualified technicians, you can’t go wrong!



Exhausts are a major part that controls the level of emissions that come from your Audi.  For the engine to run smoothly and producing the correct levels of emissions, keeping your exhaust in good working order is so important and we are able to help you with this.  It’s key to use only OEM or genuine Audi parts and we will always provide the quality service you should expect when looking after your car.

General Repairs

General Repairs/Breakdowns

Whether it’s an oil leak, a warning light appeared on your dash, you’re hearing an unusual noise from your car or you have broken down, we want to help you keep your Audi healthy and road-worthy.  Our technicians have many years of experience so you can have peace of mind that we will give you all the assistance you need.

For more assistance, please call us on [TELEPHONE NUMBER]

Areas we cover

Audi Models we service & repair

  • A2
  • RS3
  • Q3
  • A7
  • A1
  • A3 e-tron
  • A6
  • A3
  • A4
  • A5
  • A8
  • RSQ3
  • Q5
  • Q7
  • RS4
  • RS5
  • RS6
  • RS7
  • R8
  • S3
  • S4
  • S5
  • S6
  • S7
  • S8
  • SQ5
  • TT
  • TTS
  • TTRS
  • 80
  • 90
  • 100
  • 200

Customer Reviews…

John Climpson, Audi A3 (Full Service). 3 Star Rating: Recommended 3/ 5

I was very pleased with service.

Ellis Turner, Audi A3 (Full Service). 4 Star Rating: Recommended 4/ 5

Everything was completed as agreed. Great customer service. Will be using again.

Alan Halburn, Audi A8 (Service B & MOT). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

A very professional job and the garage you work with were excellent too, which has given me lots of confidence to come back and use you again.

Neesham Abdul, Audi Q5 (Full Service). 3 Star Rating: Recommended 3/ 5

Service all carried out well and carried picked up and returned....icing on the cake would have been the wash and vac which wasn't done but none to say the car was serviced good.

Susie Milson, Audi A4 (Full Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you very much for the great service i have received- my Audi A4 was serviced today with the addition of 2 new tyres- the car has been returned in tip top condition, washed and cleaned, the people who collected my car were very helpful and ensured the vehicle was returned in time for me to pick the children up! All this and a big saving on the quote i had from my local Audi dealer, who are never so courteous- i will certainly use Service4Service in the future.

Amanda Lusty, Audi TT (MOT). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Very pleased with the service, polite, professional and convenient! Many thanks, Amanda

Steve English, Audi A5 (Interim Service). 4 Star Rating: Recommended 4/ 5

Used you twice in the last 12 months, and recommended you to friends aswell. Pick up and drop off service is great, even when I wasn't available on one occasion to sort the bill out. Great value for money I certainly won't be getting Ripped off by a main dealer again.

Sam Franklin, Audi TT Coupe (Full Service and MOT). 4 Star Rating: Recommended 4/ 5

Thank you - also thank you to your staff for being so helpful over the phone. A good experience with Service 4 Service.

Colin Murray, Audi A5 (Full Service and MOT). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Thank you for an excellent experience. Car had the annual service and MOT as exactly outlined on your web page. For once, first class customer care from a car servicing agent!

Howard Ghern, Audi A4 (Full Service). 4 Star Rating: Recommended 4/ 5

Very good idea and excellent service. Treated me and my car very well. Thanks you.

Vivin Acharya, Audi A4 (Full Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Just wanted to say how efficient and courteous the services was. Great value for money and the car was immaculate on its return both inside and out. Excellent Service. Will use again.

Vital Marzolo, Audi A4 (Interim Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

I found service for service very convenient. The booking is very easy, they come to collect your car at your convenience, service it and bring it back with all the relevant paper work at a time that shuits you and a car wash as a bonus. Highly recommended.

Susan Callaghan, Audi TT (West Lothian). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Hi Thanks for the invoice. I can honestly say that the service was great. The company you sent could not have been better. They were extremely helpful and professional. The guy even recognized that my car sits near a tree overnight and, although not obvious to the naked eye, he showed me how to feel the car body for tree sap deposits (which reduces the shine) and gave advice on how to remove it. Running our own busy companies, it was ideal that the car was picked up and brought back to the office and the service was extremely reasonably priced. I would definitely use your service again. Many Thanks Susan Callaghan Joint Managing Director

Mandy Sillington, Audi TT (Full Service & MOT). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Thank you for looking after my little pride and joy!

Philip Oakley, Audi TT (Interim Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

I thought I would share my experience as I normally carry out any work with the main dealer,I opted to use you after a little researching on the Internet and since the vehicle is now out of manufacture warranty, I was unaware but was advised that I could of still had you service the vehicle within the warranty period.You came to collect the vehicle and took it to carry out the service, called in the afternoon to update and advise the car was just requiring the service.Car came back to me later that day wash and hoovered.Top service!!!

James Taylor, Audi A4 (Interim Service and MOT). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Fantastic service and staff. Nothing is too much trouble for them! If they can help, they will. Ten out of ten!

Tony Lancashire, Audi S3 (Full Service & MOT). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Thank you for a swift, flexible and accomodating service. It was very pleasing to find your staff at all stages of the process polite efficient and accommodation of my needs. All in all a good customer offer and I'm a satisfied customer.Thank you,Regards,Tony Lancashire

Tumelo Matjekane, Audi A4 (Interim Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I would like to compliment the level of service I received from service4service. My wife and I work full time in high pressure enviroments, and hence chose you because you could pick the car up! You made the process seamless and stress free. I would certainly recommend the company to my friends and family. I will definitely use you again. Service4service is really about service.

Linda Newman, Audi A4 (Full Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

A very good company to deal with and one that I will defo recommend

Mark Green, Audi S4 (Interim Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

A great service thank you.  You deliver exactly what you promise, which is a rare thing these days!

Tristan Cornell, Audi A4 (Full Service & Timing belt replacement). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Can't fault your service and the work done by the garage was spot on, car is perfect.

Amanda Jewiss, Audi A3 (Full Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Fanstastic Service, thank you. Amanda

Jane Hyatt, Audi A3 (Full Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Hi, thanks very much for a good service and something I will happily recommend.

Damian Henriques, Audi A5 (Full Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

I used your service for the first time to service my Audi A5. I have to say I was extremely impressed with the level of service and all the work was completed to exact standards at a fraction of the price Audi main dealers charge. I will certainly be using you again.

Matthew Thompson, Audi TT (Full Service & MOT). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

I am very happy with your service as always and speak to you again in 12 months. Thanks for looking after my car. Mat Thompson

Peter Thorne, Audi A5 (Full Service & MOT). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Very efficient which is nice to have. All promises kept and no hidden surprises....with the service advisor very polite. Thank you for a top service and I'll be back next year.Thanks,P.Thorne

Lyndsey Turner, Audi A4 (Full Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Thank you very much for the fast effective easy service will recommend friends and family. Lyndsey

Peter Bisby, Audi A6 (Full Service and Oil Flush). 4 Star Rating: Recommended 4/ 5

Always very helpful and keep you up to date with what is happening.

Emma Wyatt, Audi TT (Full Service & MOT). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

The same as last yr - absolutely perfect service, kept informed all the way along and delightful company. I'm looking forward to using you next year. Emma Wyatt

Geoff Wappett, Audi A4 (Full Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Thanks very much! Everything has been great. Cheers.

Shaun Williams, Audi A3 (Full Service). 5 Star Rating: Recommended 5/ 5

Used your service and bought a full service. Dropped my car into the garage who were polite and then collected where it was waiting for me. *****

Marta Kotlarek, Audi A4 (Interim Service). 4 Star Rating: Recommended 4/ 5

Thank you for very good customer service.

Graham Scott, Audi A2 (Interim Service). 4 Star Rating: Recommended 4/ 5

I would like to thank you for a good experience and for helping me with my car.  I knew there were a few issues with it, but purposely didn't say, to see if the job was done properly, and you proved me right.  A thoutough job well done and nice to have it cleaned before returning to me. Kind Regards, Mr Scott

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